Datman - How do I complete the registration for my Datman account?

Datman - How do I complete the registration for my Datman account?


Creating a new Datman account is easy, you can just follow the procedure mentioned below.


You would have received a registration link from FoodHub to your registered contact number.

Click on the Link, once the link opens you will be on the below mentioned page.



Step 1: Enter your registered contact number and click on Submit




Step 2: Enter the required information and create a Password for your Datman account.



Step 3: Under create new merchant Enter takeaway name and choose the country.











Step 4: An email will be sent to verify your email address. Once you verify the email address Click on Onboard Merchant






Step 5: Enter the Required information and click on Next








Step 6: Enter the contact number and email address and click on Next





Step 7:  Enter your Trading address and Bank details and click on Next





Step 8: Enter the Owners details and click on Next.


Step 9: Enter your Personal address and click on Next.


Step 10: Please upload the requested Documents (Passport/ Driving License, Bank Statement and Utility Bill).








Step 11: On the set up Summary click on Submit.





Note: Once the application is Submitted It usually takes 24-48 hrs for your application to be reviewd by Our Customer Support Representative.

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