Datman - Questions relating to your PDQ Card Terminal

Datman - Questions relating to your PDQ Card Terminal

1. How much are the charges for the transaction that are taken through 
the PDQ and how much does it cost to get the PDQ?

The PDQ charges depend on the volume of the transactions being processed on a monthly basis.

To get more details on the different pricing slabs kindly email us at info@datman.je


2. How long does it take to receive the PDQ Machine once I've submitted all the required documents?

It takes 2 to 5 Business days to receive your PDQ machine once all the documents are provided.

3. Who do I contact when I have a question regarding the PDQ?

For all technical enquiries kindly contact your hardware provider.

For any other questions kindly email us at info@datman.je

4. Where can I see the payments that I took through my PDQ machine?

For your wired terminal, you will be able to see all your transactions on your Datman account under PDQ Transactions.

For your wireless/mobile terminal kindly contact us at info@datman.je to obtain your login details as they are shown on a different portal.

5. When will I receive funds from the PDQ transactions?

Transactions from each working day will be batched together and sent directly to the bank details you provided while signing up within 3-5 working days.

6. Is there a setup fee to start using the PDQ?

The Setup fee depends on the equipment type and the agreement during the sale.

7. Is the money from the PDQ deposited into the same bank account that is on the Datman CRM?

Not necessarily, the funds from your PDQ transactions will be sent directly to the bank details you provided while signing up.

8. Who is activating PDQ's for clients?

You will need to contact your Hardware Provider for activation.

9. How are bank details associated with PDQ updated?

The client will need to send us an email to pdq@datman.je with the new bank details along with a copy of the bank statement that he wishes to update. However, the bank statement needs to be within the last 3 month and it must be a full picture and it has to be under his name or the business.

Once we receive the bank statement we will send a form to the client to be signed and returned to us.

10. How are PDQ transactions shown on the statement?

It shows the amount with the letters FDMS.



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