Datman - Account Verification Process

Datman - Account Verification Process

Why is Client Account Verification Mandatory? 

Datman Account Verification Is Mandatory because we are a financial organization. As per Anti-Money laundering regulations, we are required to run KYB and KYC checks on all our clients. This means we need proof of the contract holder’s IDs and his business and banking details. 

Clients are required to upload their KYB and KYC documents in order to withdraw the funds. The documents are then verified by Datman’s QC team. If the documents are not correct an automated email is sent to the clients with the exact requirements for their respective businesses. 

Required Documents. 

Please note that the required documents need to be uploaded to the online Datman account. 

To upload the documents, Clients have to log in to their Datman account at 
portal.datmancrm.com. If they see the below alert on their accounts then they have to upload the required documents to their profiles.

NOTE : (Screenshots from Mobile/Computer are not accepted, Only complete Picture of the Document is accepted) 

For Limited Companies 
1. Valid Passport/Driving License 
2. Business Bank Document - Bank Statement/void cheque or welcome Letter from the Bank (Bank account has to be under the Ltd company’s name) no more than 3 months old. 

For Sole Traders 
1. Valid Passport/Driving License 
2. Business Bank Document - Bank Statement/void cheque or welcome Letter from the Bank no more than 3 months old 
3. Utility Bill at the trading address no more the 3 months old (Energy, Gas, Water, Landline Bill or Council Tax) 

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